Tire Damage Diagram

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Tire Damage Diagram - the crown is the center tread area of the tire and includes all of the large grooves water channels that run along the circumference of the tire however the crown does not include the outermost tread block of the tire the shoulder is the area where the tread and sidewall meet including the tread blocks nearest the side of the tire beginning outside the outermost water channel and the understanding tire markings and ratings tire type defines the proper use of the tire p means this is a passenger car tire an lt in the tire size means that the tire fits a light truck tread wear indicators appear when the tires only have 2 32 inch or less of tread remaining rubber in tires ages over time this also applies to the spare tire if available even if it is never used a major tip o the hat to mark holbrook who taught me just about everything i know about changing motorcycle tires mark and i don t agree.
on all of the points discussed in our respective tire changing manifestos so make sure to check out the section on additional reading where there are links to mark s take on the subject additional suggestions and assistance provided by andrew evans once you find the series of numbers on your tire s sidewall use the diagram above and the list below to find the meaning of each number metric or tire type defines the proper use of the tire the traditional sizing systems are based on a measurement of the outside diameter of a tire this would usually be measured in inches 26 27 etc or millimeters 650 700 etc the firestone and ford tire controversy was a period of unusually high failures of p235 75r15 atx atx ii and wilderness at tires installed on the ford explorer and other related vehicles the tire failures are linked to 271 fatalities and over eight hundred injuries in the united states.
with more injuries and fatalities occurring internationally it led bridgestone firestone and ford motor the weaver w 894x tire changer is the perfect professional grade wheel cl tire changer for the general repair shop or car enthusiast

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