Rock Soil Venn Diagram

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Rock Soil Venn Diagram - a venn diagram is particularly well suited to this activity see soil and sand observation venn diagram copy master 3 copy master 3 word document 26 kb copy master 3 adobe pdf 80 kb applying students understanding ask the students to help you summarize how soil is like sand and how soil is different from sand as a class we will plete a venn diagram of soil and rocks learning goals students will be able to identify and describe differences and similarities between soil and rocks context for use this lesson is very simple and is added onto the foss kit entitled pebbles sand and silt prior lesson may include a k w l chart on rocks and soil record students responses on a chart or venn diagram s 3 3 2 rock and soil venn diagram doc place two 1 liter clear soda containers on a flat surface and fill both 2 3 full of water using a funnel carefully pour about 2 cups of soil collected from the schoolyard.
into one of the 1 liter containers the teacher and students will plete a venn diagram to show their data for the assessment the students will plete a t chart and will write soil on one side and rock on the other they will observer the materials on the table in front of them which is 3 soil s les and 3 rocks rocks and minerals lesson plans give students opportunities to use words to describe visual textural and other physical qualities of s le rock specimens when they do overlap the shapes like a venn diagram place the specimens that moved in the overlapping space what are the similarities and differences between rocks and minerals rocks and minerals are inorganic pounds and occur throughout the world but have distinct physical characteristics distinguishing features and societal uses that set them apart minerals are generally lighter in

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